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Entertain me: the strange, specific world of “Gilmore Guys”

What’s the oddest way to spend a Saturday night? How about going to a live podcast that talks about a show that ended in 2007? What kind of dork would go to something like that?

The answer is me. I would.

The show was “Gilmore Guys,” and I booked my tickets months in advance. I actually bought two tickets in anticipation that none of my friends would ever pay $18 to do something so bizarre...

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By Rachel Rippetoe
The University of Portland Beacon

Mansplaining Gilmore Girls

California's Gilmore Guys fast-talk through every episode.

Two 20-something guys who recap every Gilmore Girls episode for theirGilmore Guys podcast are on their way to Portland.

Girls went off the air in 2007, but the show's Internet cache recently reached new heights thanks to Netflix picking it up for a limited series revival, and to Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, who will record a live podcast about the episode "Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out!" from season 6 at the Aladdin on Saturday.

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By Meryl Williams
Willamette Week

Streams of Joy: Into the Heart of Gilmore Girls Devotion

The creator and co-host of the Gilmore Guys podcast reflects on a year of unexpected success.

Kevin Porter can’t emphasize this enough: Nobody expects their amateur podcast to become a hit. Especially not when it’s made by two relatively unknown young guys, recording in a church office. Especially not when your topic is a show that hasn’t been on TV for seven years...

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By Kate Shellnutt
Christianity Today

The Gilmore Guys Really Love Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Guys is a comedy podcast with a devoted following reminiscent of the TV show it chronicles. 

Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe are dissecting all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, devoting a podcast episode to each episode of the show. Hundreds of thousands of listeners tune in each week and live recordings have started filling up theaters. Gilmore Guys will be at Texas Theatre this weekend...

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By Jeremy Hallock
The Dallas Observer

'Gilmore Guys' podcast relives popular series

'Guys' podcast and live shows on popular series net duo its own avowed fan base

When Netflix started streaming "Gilmore Girls," Kevin Porter half-jokingly asked his Twitter followers whether anyone wanted to host a podcast called "Gilmore Guys," in which the titular guys would watch every episode of the early-2000s WB show...

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by Emma Hinchliffe
The Houston Chronicle

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