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The Gilmore Guys May Have a Hit Podcast, But They'll Still Call Stars Hollow Town Meetings

See them live on October 12 at UCB.

Where the Gilmore Guys lead, fans will follow.

The aforementioned guys are L.A.-based Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuiyigbe, who've made a name for themselves in the year since starting a podcast in which they watch and discuss the WB (then CW) show Gilmore Girls. "I think the fact that we are genuine while also being the opposite of the 'intended audience' is something that people found refreshing," Adejuyigbe says, but he and Porter also attribute the project's success to good timing: The first episode coincided with the show's rebirth on Netflix last October, and the cast reunion at the ATX Festival earlier this year didn't hurt, either...

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By Alex Reed
LA Magazine

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