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RED Hearts: Gilmore Guys Rule

My latest obsession is a podcast called Gilmore Guys, which is exactly what it sounds like: two guys watching, discussing and reviewing every episode of the early ’00s WB show Gilmore Girls

Your obsessive hosts are Kevin, a longtime Gilly (you know, a fan of Gilmore), and Demi, a newcomer to the beloved town of Stars Hollow. They’re consistently original, insightful and entertaining, making Gilmore Guys must-listen podcasting… if that’s a thing.

The show is hilarious, heartfelt — and at times absolutely ridiculous — as Kevin and Demi analyze everything from GG fashion to Rory’s boyfriends (say yes to the Jess?) to the awesomeness that is Emily, the reigning queen of Gilmore...

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From guest writer Jordyn Turney

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