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As a loud and proud fan of erstwhile WB show Gilmore Girls, I’ve already told you why you should be watching: It's smarter and deeper than you think; the writing is supremely clever; it's one of the all-time great escapist entertainments.

The same things can be said about Gilmore Guys, a podcast in which two Los Angeles-based twentysomethings gab about the show. The hook: Longtime fan Kevin T. Porter, who started watching the show as a tween and has loved it ever since, recruited pal Demi Adejuyigbe, who had never seen an episode of Gilmore, to co-host an episode-by-episode discussion of the show. (They're midway through season 4 right now.) Oh, and they’re both guys, talking about a dramedy that’s overwhelmingly adored by females.

Gilmore Guys started on Sept. 30 2014, a day before every episode of Gilmore’s seven-season run dropped on Netflix. Since then, the podcast has exploded in popularity. A couple months ago, the Guys started doing live shows, on-stage versions of the podcast in cities around the country that consistently sell out immediately after they go on sale. Months into the podcast’s run, cast and crew members from Gilmore Girls started appearing for interviews, in segments Kevin and Demi call Gilmore Gabs. Writers, casting directors, minor and major cast members - the Guys even scored Scott Patterson, the actor who played one of the show's leads Luke Danes, for an hour-plus conversation in May. Recently, they’ve slyly alluded to having more guests on the show. (Pretty sure Milo Ventimiglia, the actor who played Rory’s boyfriend Jess, is all but confirmed, and my inner teenager can’t handle such squeal-worthy news.)...

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By Michelle Stark, Tampa Bay Times Food Editor

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