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The "Gilmore Guys," Fandom, And Feminism Kevin T. Porter  and Demi Adejuyigbe began a little podcast about Gilmore Girls last fall—after the former half-jokingly tweeted the idea—they weren’t expecting a big audience to latch on. “When you first start anything that’s completely independent, you assume you’re operating in a vacuum and that 200 people max are going to listen,” Porter said.

So it’s probably surreal that, last Monday and Wednesday, hundreds of paying customers packed Brooklyn’s The Bell House—twice—and Manhattan’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre just to listen to these two dumb dudes (their words) talk about a television show that ended seven years ago.

With upwards of 90 episodes of the podcast available, Gilmore Guys covers each episode of the beloved TV series, placing equal emphasis on sincere analysis and lighthearted mockery. Episodes are released twice weekly, with recaps—usually including guests from the comedy world—interspersed with occasional shows dedicated to answering fan emails, call-ins, and even interviews with people associated with Gilmore Girls. The Guys have now recorded six of their episodes live to sold-out audiences in L.A., Austin, and New York....

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By Holly Trantham

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