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A Gilmore Girls Stars Hollowcast

Two guys started a podcast about ‘Gilmore Girls’ and it really, really worked

Their timing was impeccable, they just didn’t know it.

Demi Adejuyigbe and Kevin Porter holed up in a Los Angeles recording studio, hit the “on” button and started rambling.

“This is gonna be a show where we talk a lot about ‘Gilmore Girls.’ We’re gonna talk about Rory and Sookie and Lane and Mrs. Kim and Lorelai and Richard and Emily…”

And so began the “Gilmore Guys” podcast, where a dedicated fan and a total novice discuss the beloved 2000s series about a mom and daughter in small-town Connecticut. Episode by episode, they relive and discover the fast-talking, culture-referencing, fuzzy-feeling-producing wonders of this show that aired on the WB...

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By Jessica Contrera
The Washington Post

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