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When the entire run of Gilmore Girls was added to the Netflix roster back in September 2014, comedians Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe were just a couple of nobodies in a crowd at LA's UCB Theatre. They met there during a taping of the movie-trivia podcast Doug Loves Movies and, looking for a project of their own, turned to the WB dramedy about a mother-daughter pair for inspiration.

On the podcast Gilmore Guys, Porter, already a superfan of the show, became Adejuyigbe's guide as he experienced the series for the first time. The duo now have more than 150 episodes under their belt, and along the way they have brought on comedians like Beth StellingJessica St. Clair, and Pete Holmes as guests, interviewed several members of the original show's cast and crew, and achieved a level of celebrity in their own right.

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By Brianna Wellen

Chicago Reader

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