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The Guys Who Love Gilmore Girls [The Atlantic]

The Podcast Gilmore Guys has drawn a devoted following by taking an affection but critical look at a beloved TV show.

Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe aren't the first men to talk about Gilmore Girls. They're just the first two to make a well-received podcast about doing it.

Gilmore Guys, a twice-weekly podcast that debuted earlier this fall, is exactly what it says on the label: Two men, Porter (creator of the Sorkinisms viral video) and Adejuyigbe (known on Vine as Electrolemon) talking about Gilmore Girls every Monday and Wednesday, breaking it down episode by episode. Episodes follow a basic structure: ridiculing the often-terrible Netflix synopsis for the Gilmore Girls episode being covered, breaking down every pop-culture reference in the episode, talking about fashion moments in the show, going over all the major plot points in the episode, and giving it a rating....

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